Living by Our Motto

In Italian, the word motto means pledge. At Caulfield Consulting, we chose our motto carefully and with the utmost intention. We stand behind the words "Creating and Cultivating Opportunities” because everyday we work for you to discover new business opportunities or develop better solutions to address your pain points.  We strive to meet and exceed your business goals in all our interactions.




Susan Caulfield - Founder and CEO

Susan believes in investing in building relationships with her clients in order to develop a mutual trust and respect.    Her years spent working in corporate communications, allow her to have a thorough understanding of what it takes to cut through the noise and get noticed. She can run a program from the strategic level to implementation, and her keen eye for detail results in success for her clients.   She is committed to giving back to the community and she supports programs in the government and the community.


Sean Caulfield - COO

Sean knows the value of becoming a trusted partner and has spent many years cultivating relationships with government and business leaders.  HIs extensive knowledge in government contracting proves valuable to clients and his breadth of knowledge extends across

 information technology, logistics, intelligence and security solutions, both in cyber and biometrics.  Sean is viewed by his clients as instrumental in developing strategic business opportunities, evaluating acquisitions, and developing partnerships for both government  and commercial clients.

You can count on Caulfield Consulting for your government contracting and business needs.